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Farmer’s markets and face-to-face transactions are cool. But being able to do business with the masses is cooler. This is a beardsman’s eCommerce site. This site features variable products in the way of scent options and product sizes. Best of all, it’s easy to shop on mobile. I feel my beard growing just thinking about it.

Project Summary

Joseph had a website but it didn’t work well on mobile. And that meant missed sales opportunities. We rebuilt his site to be mobile friendly. Now the majority of his traffic comes from mobile devices. The mobile performance boost alone made the re-design worth the investment. But working with Matchless provided a another valuable benefit.

Farmer’s markets and festivals make up significant arm of the business. Over the years, they captured customer’s email addresses with good ole’ fashioned pen and paper. And until we partnered together the list only existed on a yellow legal notepad. Nearly 200 of Joseph’s previous customers had given him their contact info. But he simply hadn’t gotten around to putting that list of leads to use.

I setup email automation to bring him back to “top-of-mind” status with his past customers. This enabled him to re-engage with a segment of his audience that hadn’t heard from him in awhile. Today, Joseph’s email marketing strategy allows him to notify his list of leads of sales and other promotional offers. And his bottom line has improved because of it.

I felt quite helpless about where to start with fixing my old website. I’m not very web design savvy, but you made the process worry-free and easy.

My new website not only looks great, but the customer experience has greatly improved as well. The shopping experience is seamless, and the backend of the site is also easier for me to work with now.

You paid great attention to communication and customer service. Your friendliness extended way beyond a web technician’s responsibilities. And that made it really easy to work with you.”  

Joseph Creel

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