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Website Performance, Security, & Updates

If you aren’t 100% sure your WordPress site is secure and performing as it should, my care plan is the answer. You run your business. I'll run your website.

Get A Care Plan

Afraid you’ll break your website if you tinker on it?

Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you. Let me know I’m not alone.

Me: *clicks button*
Website: *Poof!*
Me to Me: What the heck just happened?? *checks YouTube*
YouTube: Yeah, definitely avoid clicking that button.
Me to Me:

Imagine how it would feel knowing everything possible is being done to make your site as fast, secure, and up to date as it can be.

Now imagine how it would feel to not be the one responsible for making that happen.

It’s time you let someone (who isn’t you) handle your website headaches. When you’re on one of my WordPress Care Plans, all your website worries are covered.

What’s Included in a Care Plan?


Strong passwords alone won’t protect your site. I protect your site from hacks and malware. I even help keep pesky spam out of your contact forms. 


Haphazard plugin and theme updates can break your site. But neglecting to tend to those updates can cause performance issues. Either way, it’s a headache you shouldn’t have to deal with.


A backup a day keeps the hackers at bay. I make a copy of your entire site every night. If there’s ever an issue, I can roll back to a known, working copy of your site.

Dedicated Support

Care Plans come with support from yours-truly (me, Jon) each month. Use it however you like. Text or image changes, strategy/consulting, emotional support, etc.

Discounted Hourly Rate

Care Plan clients get a discount on hourly work above and beyond the time included each month. It’s a big money saver for more time-intensive site changes like adding new pages or functionality.

Managed Cloud Hosting

You’ll never have to touch your server. The technical stuff is 100% taken care of for you so your site is always fast and secure. My clients’ sites are hosted exclusively on GridPane.

WordPress Care Plan Pricing

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Apply for a WordPress Care Plan

Complete this form using the URL of the website you’re interested in getting on a care plan. We’ll schedule a call to talk over details specific to your site.

If it sounds like we’re a match to work together, we’ll get the ball rolling on your WordPress Care Plan.

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