4-Weeks to a Website

Does this sound familiar?

  • You have a website, but it isn’t very good *cue website shame*
  • You don’t have a website, and you know you’re losing business.
  • You’ve tried to put together a website on your own, but it was too overwhelming.

If any of this sounds familiar, keep reading.

Professional, effective websites don’t have to cost an arm and your first-born child (you thought I was going to say leg, didn't you?). And high-quality web design doesn't require you to wait around several months to see the final product.

My web design services will help you go from “scratch-to-launch” so you finally have a professional website that brings you leads and helps your business make money.

I use a tried and tested system that works over and over again. If I may toot my own horn *toot toot* I'm pretty good at this stuff.

A professional, hassle-free website (that doesn't take months to be delivered) isn't out of your reach with..

4-Weeks to a Website

The rapid-fire web design sprint “*

*Not trade marked, but don't get any ideas, capeesh?

Here's What You Get

  • A done-for-you website which means all the technical stuff will be done right, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty
  • A website content planning roadmap which outlines exactly what words need to be on your site both prior to launch and later down the road as your site grows launch. So you never have to stress about copywriting.
  • The Content Marketing Crash Course video mini course that teaches you how to use your new website to help you attract leads and make more sales during your website launch and beyond.
  • Access to my monthly office hours webinar where like-minded business owners get their website and marketing questions answered so they can get the most out of their websites
  • Access to your personalized website training video library where I show you how to edit your website if you want to change anything on your own without my help.

Before You Read Further: A Note About Website Maintenance

I strongly suggest, nay! – I implore you to hire a professional to take care of your website.

Whether you have a website already or are hoping to have one built in the near future, start thinking about who's going to be responsible for taking care of your site.

Think about how you take care of your vehicle.

You probably don't rotate your own tires, tune the engine, or start taking things apart yourself after hearing a funny noise.

It's likely you value your mode of transportation highly enough to get it serviced by a professional with the tools, knowledge, and expertise to get the job done right.

Look – whether we work together or not, please love yourself (and your website) enough to not try to be your own website maintenance person. There are always risks involved in DIY'ing your own website. You should have people for that.

And wouldn't you know it?? I'm a people.

A person rather.

Anyway, I offer WordPress Care Plan services alongside my website builds and redesigns.

Right. *slaps hands on knees*

Where were we?

4-Weeks to a Website gives you everything you need to take your website idea from scratch to LIVE on the web in *no time.

*ahem* – 4 weeks or less

Hot to Get Started with 4 Weeks to a Website

Or as I affectionately call it, 4WTAW. Pronounced, “Four Double-Yew Taw”…

…Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, does it?

To start working together, the first thing we do is book a strategy session to discuss your website needs, business goals, and design inspiration.

The next thing we do is nail down your content.

“Content Week” lasts just 2 days + a weekend. So it's not a week. But I like to call it that nonetheless. Sue me.

It's a sprint in the first week of your project's start date where you get crystal clear on the messages and words that will go on your website.

The 2 days + a weekend gives you (or us, if you hire me to help with content) get your copy right without dragging out what, in my experience, is a needlessly long and drawn out process that makes everyone hate life.

Let's not hate life.

Let's get your content sorted so I can get on with your build and keep to our deadlines.

This should take 3 hours of your time, TOPS, in most cases.

You'll provide all your web copy (words), images, and other content unless we come to some other arrangement regarding content sourcing and production.

If you choose to hire me to help you with your copy on top of building your site, you'll have that separate “add-on” service tacked onto your project. That service is not reflected in the pricing information provided on this page.

Basically, I'll collaborate with you to make you sound even smarter than you already by helping you get your web copy clear and simple so your message can't be missed. Just let me know if you want me to help with this part.

From there, I’ll mockup a homepage for your website. Once you approve of that page’s design, I’ll use the agreed-upon design as inspiration to help me build out your site's remaining pages.

The final step is to launch the site. Your new website will be LIVE on the web, ready for your visitors to find you and do business with you.

The money you invest in your website project will start coming back to you. Most of my clients make their money back on their website investment within 1-3 months (depending on the cost of the goods or services they sell).

And who doesn't love a good ROI?

You're Really Going to Like Working With Me

All of ^this… *gestures toward the preceding paragraphs*

…happens in just 4-weeks. And sometimes usually less.

You'll enjoy everything about our working relationship.

My systems and processes are smart and smooth so it's easy to follow along every step of the way. You'll always know “where I'm at” in terms of milestones because you'll be looped into every part of the build that you need to know about.

I pride myself on my communication skills.

You won't go long stretches of days without hearing from me, unlike what you might have experienced with other web designers in the past.

My industry has a yucky reputation for ghosting clients when they need them most. And my professional style is the antithesis of that mess.

We're trying to get your website built in four weeks. There literally isn't time for us to not be in communication with one another.

I'm a big fan of videos and screen share updates. You can expect to get short video demonstrations of the progress I'm making so you'll never be in the dark about the status of your project.

I promise to make the website building journey we'll go on together so fun and engaging you'll wonder why you didn't hire me sooner. You might even be thinking that right now.

It's okay. You didn't know me before now. You're not a bad person.

I forgive you.

Life Beyond Launch of Your Website

You may be primarily interested in getting your website off the ground right now.

Planning for growth at this stage of your website journey may not seem all that important. And if you haven't started thinking about growth after launch, I politely ask beg and plead with you to check yourself.

Your website will only work hard for you if you work hard to ensure it's serving your target audience and end users better than your competition in the weeks, months, and years after launch.

If you're not convinced there will be work to do after your site launches, consider this:

Once your new website launches

Google Analytics and Search Console will be tracking:

  • How many visitors land on your site
  • Where they came from
  • How long they stay, and
  • What they do while visiting your site

That data, if acted on, will be extraordinarily valuable to you and your business' growth.

Such rich information, with the right interpretation, can provide valuable insights about your website's structure or content. This kind of data can inform changes that may need to be made over time so your website can better serve your audience, customers, and clients.

If you're planning to be in business for a year or two then fizzle out – sure, you can let your site launch and sit untouched. It'll help your business wither away faster if you're in that much of a hurry to close up shop.

I'm not trying to bring the “doom and gloom”. I simply want you to have realistic expectations of what it takes for a website to help your grow your business in the long run.

Don't fail to plan for growth and improvement of your website beyond launch.

Ongoing Website Strategy: Content Marketing, Lead Generation, and SEO

You can make your own decisions about whether or not website structure and content changes might be warranted.

Or you can hire me to do that ongoing work for you.

The point is, somebody (you, me, SOMEBODY) should be regularly auditing your web traffic, search performance, and marketing efforts on an on-going basis to identify opportunities to make your website more effective over time.

This can ultimately result in big savings on your ad-spend and other marketing dollars. Because with good data and intentional content improvement and production, any ads you run will be more targeted to your ideal clients and customers.

So consider learning how to interpret all relevant performance data related to your website. Or hire a professional. Oh, and wouldn't you know it? I offer those very services via my Content Marketing, Lead Generation, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.

Enough about that. You scrolled this far for web design pricing info, didn't you?

Web Design Services Pricing

You’re probably wondering how much this is going to cost you. The price will depend on several factors. Every web design project has different requirements based on the client’s needs.

Factors that will impact the price of your web design package:

  • Number of pages
  • Complexity of functionality (i.e. simple forms vs. eCommerce)
  • How much help you need with content production
  • How many calls/video chats you will need across the project
  • Whether we hold to agreed-upon deadlines or require extensions
  • Adding elements to the project after scope and pricing is agreed upon (scope creep)

All my web design projects in the 4WTAW package start from a base rate of $1,500

^That includes one page websites.

To get a more exact price estimate, book a call with me so we can work out a package that fits your needs. Our conversation will help us see if we'd be a good fit to work together. No hard sell. Promise.

Website Subscription-Based Pricing

Maybe your website needs revolve around something seasonal where you don't want or need traffic coming to your website year round.

This is common with websites for annually recurring event promotion and ticket sales (concerts, festivals, 5Ks and other races, etc.) where the website only needs to be up for as long as you're promoting an event.

Short-term websites. If that's the case you could potentially save yourself a lot of money by getting a website through my pay-as-you-go website subscription model.

With this approach, your website is built from a template with very limited design customization and functionality added on my end. It's a great way to keep your costs down, especially if your website needs aren't very complex. Complex meaning the kind of functionality and involvement of eCommerce sites, membership sites, learning management systems (LMS) websites, etc.

With a website subscription, you only pay for the website as long as you're using it (needing it to be accessible on the Internet). My minimum subscription duration is 3 months and it recurs quarterly until you cancel OR buy out the value of the site.

My website subscription service is a great way to get a website if you:

  • Don't need your website available year-round (cancel when you no longer need it)
  • Like the idea of starting from a template to keep costs down for a short term site
  • Don't mind limited customizability due to constraints of the price point relative to a custom build
  • Prefer a more affordable way to get started with a website you'll eventually own (essentially a “rent-to-own” model)

Some people may be interested in the website subscription-based pricing model as it's the quickest and most affordable way to start a website project with me.

Though you can absolutely get a more complex, custom website built using my subscription model.

There is just a larger downpayment required to get started on sites with requirements beyond a certain threshold number of pages and basic functionality. And you have to make monthly payments vs. quarterly payments when the project is of a large enough scope. We can determine the scope of your project via a strategy session.

This is perfect for those who know their project will be big but they don't have the cash on hand to pay the 50% deposit of the total estimated cost I require up front.

You can get in touch with me here if a website subscription package sounds more like the kind of service you'd be interested in vs. the 4 Weeks to a Website package.

If you’re ready to finally have a website you love, book a strategy session with me today.

We’ll find out exactly what’s been holding up your website's success and get you on the path you need to be on to have success online.

Not having a website or, sometimes what's worse – having one that's not very good is hurting your business.

I’ll show you how I can make all your website frustration go away.

Book a strategy session now.

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Strong passwords alone won’t protect your site. I protect your site from hacks and malware. I even help keep pesky spam out of your forms. 


Haphazard plugin and theme updates can break your site. But neglecting to tend to those updates can cause performance issues. Either way, it’s a headache you shouldn’t have to deal with.


A backup a day keeps the hackers at bay. I make a copy of your entire site every night. If there’s ever an issue, I can roll back to a known, working copy of your site within the last 30 days.

1 Hour of Support Each Month

Care Plans come with one hour of support each month. Use it however you like. Text or image changes, emotional support, etc.

Discounted Hourly Rate

Care Plan clients get a discount on hourly work above and beyond the one hour included each month. Big money saver for more time intensive site changes like adding new pages or functionality.

Managed Cloud Hosting

You’ll never have to touch your server. The technical stuff is 100% taken care of for you so your site is always fast and secure. All Care Plan sites are hosted exclusively on Flywheel Managed Hosting.