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It’s everything you want and need in an eCommerce site. High quality custom photography. Straightforward copy so you know what you’re buying. Easy navigation on desktop and mobile. And a super simple flow from “add to cart” to “checkout”.

Project Summary

When I first began working with Premier Shooting Solutions LLC, they had a functional eCommerce website. But the aesthetics of the site didn’t match up to the quality of the products they were selling.

Long story short, we partnered up to re-design their site and iron out the kinks that were holding the old site back. Flash forward to today and the site is 1000% better than before. It’s now got a modern and unique look and feel. Custom photography, courtesy of Chase Richardson at followell fotography, now brilliantly showcases the craftsmanship and quality of the products being sold on the site.

Redesigned logos, crafted by Derek Walker of Dnubb Design LLC, really bring the branding of this site home. But the branding doesn’t stop at logos on the site. Derek brought revamped designs to the physical packaging materials used on the AK Master Mount™ line of products. Now, this company’s digital presence matches its physical presence.

Visitors familiar with the brand have been raving at the quality of the redesign and improved flow from “add-to-cart” to checkout. By the clients’ admission, everything with the new site just feels “right”. The quality of the site finally feels like it matches the vision of the company and elevates the quality of the products this company is producing.

“Jon provided way more than a web design service.

Other web designers we’ve worked with have just been okay. But Jon played an active role in the look, layout, and content of our website.

His ownership in the end product was an aspect of service we never received from our prior web development companies.

He set the bar high for the level of service we now know to expect when hiring help with a WordPress site.

And I can’t imagine trusting anyone else to be in charge of my website.”

Premier Shooting Solutions LLC

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