Kadence Blocks + Toolset Dynamic Content

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Kadence Blocks Free and Pro Dynamic Content

Both the free and paid (pro) versions of Kadence Blocks offer multiple blocks with dynamic content integration with Toolset.

Just keep in mind that Kadence Blocks Pro comes with premium blocks not found in the free version of Kadence Blocks. Hence the whole “pro” version and whatnot.

According to Toolset’s April 2021 update about their integration with Kadence Blocks, the specific Kadence Blocks compatible with Toolset’s dynamic content are as follows:

Kadence Blocks (free)

Info Box
Advanced Heading
Row Layout

Kadence Blocks Pro

Image Overlay
Split Content
Video Popup

How to Use Toolset’s Dynamic Content with the Kadence Theme and Kadence Blocks

Use the Toolset Types plugin to register a custom post type (CPT) and custom fields

When editing your CPT, add a Kadence Block that supports dynamic content

Enable “Dynamic Sources” from the block editor navigation

Select the “post source” and “source” custom field values of the CPT

Enjoy your dynamic content! *happy sounds*

I realize ^that probably sounded like instructions on how to draw an owl. Don’t worry. There’s more detail in the video below.

The Power of WordPress Content Templates and Dynamic Content

When you add one of dynamic content-supported blocks to a page, you’ll have the ability to toggle on dynamic content sources for the data source.

When the toggle switch is “on”, Toolset tells Kadence Blocks what content sources are available by providing you with a dropdown list which displays the available custom field values associated with the custom post type.

This is an extremely powerful and useful feature. And it makes creating WordPress custom post type templates a breeze.

Being able to create these kinds of content templates is a must-have skill for building custom WordPress websites. Once you get your head around how custom post types and dynamic content work, you’ll realize you can build virtually any kind of website you can imagine.

Instead of typing a really long blog post, I decided to make a detailed tutorial of how I used Toolset Types and Blocks, the Kadence Pro Theme, and Kadence Blocks to complete a recent client’s project.

Watch the Video

Watch on YouTube

In ^this video, I walk you through every aspect of creating a custom post type and custom fields with Toolset.

I also show you how you can use Kadence Blocks and Toolset Blocks to build content templates so you can have uniform layouts applied to all you custom post types.

I’d love to hear how you’re making use of dynamic content in your website projects. I’m still learning myself. So feel free to share your best tips with me in the comments section.